Location of the Congress and the surroundings

Rønne’s Hotel in Slettestrand will be the centre of the congress. This is where all the main activities will take place i.e. the main lectures, workshops, events, the exhibition and the Congress Party. If you are an early starter, you might be tempted by a refreshing swim in the sea only 500 meters from the hotel.

For four days Jammerbugten will be the northern centre of TCM. Why not choose to let the congress be a part of a summer holiday in Denmark for you and your family.

Jammerbugten is a beautiful bay in the north of Denmark and offers you both the salty blue sea and a unique countryside with many interesting sights to enjoy. Whether you prefer sport activities or wish to explore the history and culture of the area, there are plenty of options at your disposal. If you bring your children, you may enjoy spending a day playing in the large enjoyment park called Fårup Sommerland. More information about Jammerbugten can be found at the Tourist Bureau.

Jammerbugten welcomes you!


Rønne’s Hotel
Kystvejen 25, Slettestrand
DK- 9690 Fjerritslev

Phone (+45) 98 21 71 50
FAX (+45) 98 21 74 95




Jammerbugt Turistbureau / Fjerritslev
Vestergade 16
DK–9690 Fjerritslev

Phone: (+45) 72 57 89 77




Travel to Denmark / Aalborg

There are different ways of reaching the congress center at Rønne’s Hotel, Slettestrand. If you come from Denmark, you will probably prefer to travel by car, bus or train. From Norway and Sweden ferry lines are available, and if you choose to arrive by airplane, there are direct flights from Copenhagen, Oslo and London to Aalborg airport, which is the closest airport to Slettestrand. From other countries than the above mentioned you may have to go via Copenhagen to catch a domestic flight to Aalborg.

At Aalborg airport a congress information desk is at your disposal. Here you can get instructions on how to reach Rønne’s Hotel in Slettestrand as well as the other accommodation places.

Send us an e-mail with the details of your arrival at Aalborg airport, and we will prepare an overview of the possibilities and help with your further transport. If you bring your family, you may wish to rent a car to be able to move freely in the beautiful surroundings of the congress centre.

How to get to the Congress


TCM Congress · Marian R. Nielsen Joos · Phone: (+45) 21 84 30 00 · Email: