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Foto: Trine Veiss Mikkelsen

4th Scandinavian TCM Congress 5th - 7th September 2014

A Christmas Gift from all of us to all of you

We wish to share this video filled with memories and interviews with both Marian, teachers and congress participants. All the wonderful experts in Chinese Medicine who share their wisdom with us all! 

When we look back at those days ourselves - and watch the video(s) - there are some things, which come to mind again and again. And we find that there are some words, messages, and goals, which are common for everybody, both healers and patients. As you know, the congress was centered around spirituality and cultivation, but at the core of the congress was the concept of self-cultivation, but also - and maby most of all - the concept of sharing and of connecting on so many different levels:

  • Connection between healer and patient
  • Connection between healer and healer
  • Connection between heaven and earth
  • Connection between all human beings
  • Connection - or connecting with one's inner self

When listening to the interviews and to the lectures from Friday at the congress, we are all reminded of the really important things - not only in our work as healers and practitioners, but in our lifes and connections to all the people around us. You can watch the videos at my YouTube channel here!

Please note that for a short period of time you will be able to watch the videos of all the teachers' lectures from Friday - but only for a short period of time. The interviews will be available, but if you wish to really dive into the lectures and keep them for future reference and inspiration you must buy the video from AV Record.

AV Record have filmed most of the congress i.e. the lectures, the workshops etc., and you can buy these videos and use them for inspiration anytime and any place you want or need it!

Those of you who were not at the congress may seek knowledge and get introduced to this cozy Scandinavian TCM Congress way up north, close the the sea in this wild and windy part of Denmark.

Note also that you can purchase not only the recordings from the congress in 2014, but also videos from the Scandinavian TCM Congresses in 2007, 2009, and 2011 from AV Record.

TCM Congress in Rothenburg 2015

I hope to see you all at the congress in Rothenburg in May 2015. I will be there - and as last year I will be in charge of the following events:

Womens Lunch Lecture on 14th May and Theme Day on Self-Cultivation on 15th May with wonderful experts wanting to share openhearted from their wisdom and knowledge:

Womens Lunch Lecture:

Moderation: Marian Nielsen Joos (CH)

Philosophy as a Guide to Develop your own Spirituality
Dominique Hertzer (DE)

How to Make Thunder and Be in the Rain
Kathaline Lauge (DK)

Women in China
Suzanne Robidoux (CN)

Theme Day on Self-Cultivation:
Moderation: Marian Nielsen Joos (CH)

Shamanism – Hope in the Darkness
Marian Nielsen Joos (CH)

The Great Journey - From dark obscurity to radiant brightness
Peter Firebrace (GB)

Art of Living for the Practitioner
Anita Meyer (CH)

Empty Heart, Empty Mind - Creating the space for transformation
Nigel Ching (DK)

Self Care and Energetic Repair for the Practitioner seen from signs on the face
Lillian Pearl Bridges (USA)

Reflection and Meditation
Marian Nielsen Joos (CH)

Surfing the Wave - Exploring the interface between Yangsheng & Quality Management in 21st Century Pulse Teaching
Sybill Huessen (NL)

Gratitude, Forgiveness and Liberation
Scott Tower (USA)

As the years go by and I gather more and more experience within Chinese Medicine it becomes clear to me that cultivation and sharing are some of the core values in my life. I have learned that by sharing, you cultivate yourself and by learning from the experience of each other, you develop yourself and create a platform for healing.

Sign up for the congress newsletter and stay up-to-date. Come to Rothenburg and say hello to me and my beautiful new babygirl, Malou Indian!

TCM Congress in Israel 2015

Kathaline Lauge and I was at this congress in Israel in 2008 and it was a wonderful experience and so great to connect to the colleagues in Israel. We strongly recommend you to join this congress in March and meet international experts such as Lillian Pearl Bridges and Sabine Wilms, who have both been part of our Scandinavian TCM Congress. The congress also offers lectures with international experts such as Hans Van Male, Cody Dodo, Dr. Bartosz Chmielnicki,  and lecturers and experts from Israel like Dr. Yair Maimon, who has been part of all our four congresses.

You have the possiblitity to become part of a wonderful congress on Chinese Medicine and at the same time get to know this amazing country and connect with lovely colleagues from all over the world.

Beautiful photos from the congress

Our wonderful photographer, Trine Veiss Mikkelsen, has sent us a lot of great photos, which can be seen in our Gallery. When we look at these photos, we remember distinctly the energy and warm feeelings that we shared at the congress. Don't be afraid to take at look and see if you can find yourself! They bring back such lovely memories ...

check out all the photos of the 4th Scandinavian TCM Congress

Lots of holiday greetings from Marian

I look forward to the holidays now - look forward to spending time with my precious familiy and my new litte babygirl, Malou India. 2014 has been a wonderful year for me, and I would really like to meet you all at future congresses all over the world. The congress in Slettestrand was a great succes for me and hopefully for the participants and teachers as well. The atmosphere there was truly exceptional, and the sharing - and caring - lifted us all to a new level of understanding.

Let's keep in touch and open our hearts to one another!


Marian Nielsen Joos
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